Depending on your problem and actual requirements you may use one of three program versions:


DEMO version will allow you to run examples, but will not let you to modify the model. You can upgrade this version to BASE or PRO upon payment.


With BASE version you can do everything, but you will not have some extras, which are only available in PRO version.


PROFESSIONAL version allows you • To optimise your optical system using Simplex method (Ameoba algorithm) with arbitrary target function. • To run simulations with account for ion-ion interactions using direct method of Coulomb forces computations as well as simplified tree method • To compute charges and currents induced by ions on electrodes of your system with further Fourier analysis and automatic computations of the most important components of the spectrum.


SIMAX Software Ver. 2017_05


"SIMAX is an excellent software platform that allows the user to simulate complex geometries with great ease. Amazing functionality and high accuracy of simulations are available in a user friendly environment. This is a great tool to enhance our understanding of ion optical systems and design next generation mass spectrometry instrumentation." Dimitris Papanastasiou, CEO Fasmatech, Athens, Greece

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